Education Software and Web Applications

Connecting Private School to Their Supporting Communities

Keep your community involved in your school.

Easy to use messaging tools

Allow your staff, administators & board to communicate with parents, volunteers and supporters through a secure, simple to use interface.

Streamline your administrative time & costs

Boards and committees can manage their documents, calendar and meeting agendas.

Promote your school

The best way of promoting your school is to showcase the various activities that go on. Use a variety of multimedia, messages, news and social media posts to bring your school life to your supporting community.

School Website

Building Innovative Learning Tools


HoloLens Virtual Labratories

Devices like the new Microsoft HoloLens offer a new world of educational opportunities.

Allow your students to do lab work with virtual equipment, reducing your cost and opening up new opportuntities that would otherwise be beyond your reach.

We have built virtual motors that interact with voltage and ohm readers; virtual pressure lab panels, and more.
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