About Webility Solutions

Who We Are

Webility Solutions is a Hamilton, Ontario-based web development company dedicated to building high quality custom web and mobile applications to help your business successfully grow.

Since 2007, our team of experienced software developers have designed applications that enable businesses to improve their operations, mitigate risk and cut unnecessary costs. Today, over 300 customers in more than 12 countries use Webility's custom-made software and support to transform the way they operate. Our team excels at creating tailored solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, refrigeration, heavy machinery, forestry and more.

Whether we're creating a new content management system or transforming a legacy application by moving it to the cloud, Webility customers receive the benefit of an in-house technical team without the associated internal operating costs. Whatever operational problem you wish to solve, Webility will provide you with a unique framework that is reliable, scalable, and cost-effective. We pride ourselves on bringing the same quality and expertise to every job, no matter how big or small.

Ask us how we've helped customers such as Costco, Tigercat, Doc.it, Hamilton Health Sciences and NAVISTAR improve operations and grow their businesses.

Webility partners with leading software solutions, including: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Xamarin, Apple/iOS, Android, and Salesforce.

Founder & CEO

Jamie Harsevoort

I'm a technologist, entrepreneur, and founder of Webility Solutions, a software development company focused on helping businesses scale and grow their operations by providing them with custom-made software solutions. With my 20+ years as a technology expert, my passion lies in helping companies of all sizes navigate the wide world of cloud technology, providing them with solutions that enhance operations and eliminate risk.

Are you relying on outdated systems to carry your business to the next level? With technology constantly evolving, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with new advances in cloud-based software. But when your technology isn't working for you, your business isn't growing. Webility bridges the gap between understanding what you need to move forward, and building the software program that will help you get there.

As CEO of Webility, I'm proud to lead a team of expert software architects who work hard to create tailor-made software solutions based precisely on your business needs. We are delighted to provide our services to over 300 software partners across a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, logistics, biotech, marketing firms, and more.

Before launching Webility Solutions in 2007, I managed the software development team for CanWest (now Postmedia). The largest Canadian media company at the time, I led my team in developing an in-house content management system that powered 2-3 billion pages per year. My work at CanWest and prior institutions have provided the groundwork to build and launch Webility, where I continue to help companies make impactful technological business decisions.

Connect with me to:

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  • Learn how these technologies can help your business advance and grow
  • Receive consultation on how Webility can revolutionize your operations in an efficient, scalable, and cost-effective way
Jamie Harsevoort
Jamie Harsevoort | jamie@webility.ca