HoloLens for Education: Augmented Reality

Interactive Learning Using Augmented Reality

HoloLens is revolutionizing STEM education.

The way we teach is changing

Microsoft's HoloLens is generating a huge amount of interest from educators. The ability to interact with 3D holograms is opening up new ways of learning and attempting procedures with no risk.

With augmented reality students can interact with holograms in ways that aren't possible with physical objects, such as disassembling a running motor to see how each part operates, or taking an internal look at a human organ. This provides a unique and interactive experience that enhances student's learning retention.

Webility has built a series of labs that include expanding motors that interact with a virtual voltmeter and ohmmeter, to a complete pressure lab panel that allows students to safely learn how to interact with pressurized systems.


Distance learning

Through a HoloLens interface, an instructor can interact with a student by watching or assisting in their augmented reality lab, even if the instructor and student are in different locations. This offers new opportunities for distance education.

Reduce your costs

Augmented reality lab equipment can often be developed and put into the classroom at a lower cost than purchasing physical lab items. When it comes to electrical or pressure lab panels, engines, etc., the HoloLens is a natural choice for cost efficient lab resources.

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