Facility Management & Refrigeration Controls

Software for facility management & refrigeration

Simple software solutions for complex industrial facilities.

Every facility has unique needs

The units and facilities you operate are unique to your business, the software you run them with should be too.

Facility managers have their hands full enough as it is. Navigating operational costs, shrinking resources and aging assets and infrastructure are growing concerns that traditionally take manual effort and manpower to stay on top of things.

Software that fits your facility

Business leaders understand the growing FM software trend and are investing in web-based solutions that help them see the bigger picture. Since no two facilities are alike, trusting a packaged software program won't get you the type of results you need to streamline your operations.

Webility's custom solutions lets you shape the software to fit your needs, and not the other way around.

Internet of Things Financial Analysis

How Webility can help: Facilities Management

Refrigerated display unit

While supporting maintenance and services, Webility's facility management software provides you with valuable data and analytics, helping you make informed decisions, apply the right measures and track accurate results.

  • Ensure your facility is functionally operational and safe
  • Accurately measure energy efficiency
  • Guarantee that facility compliance standards are met
  • Track and flag outdated infrastructure
  • Keep costs under control

How Webility can help: Refrigeration

Our refrigeration controls software is specifically designed to give you full visibility into the health and efficiencies of your units. Using IoT sensor technology, our custom-built software enables you to:

  • Track and report on refrigerant energy usage
  • Identify leaks and recommend repairs
  • Oversee compressors and fan activity
  • Increase visibility on kilowatts usage to the minute (AC power 60 times a second)
  • Empower you to achieve worry-free compliance and major cost savings.
Commercial refrigeration rack

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