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Improving the healthcare industry

When administrative and operational systems are outdated in any healthcare organization, we all suffer. Healthcare providers and patients alike stand to benefit from technology that removes the chance of human error and improves the overall medical experience.

Webility helps make complex software solutions simple

Our web and mobile healthcare solutions are designed to be easily implemented and are user-friendly for both practitioners and patients.

Whether you want to guarantee compliance, reduce administrative time, automate follow-ups, install smart medical devices or improve clinical trial reporting, we have a solution for you that's intuitive and secure.

Own Your Data

We support standard health care document formats to make your data useful. Integrating with your existing scheduling system, or analyzing data using your statistical analysis tools is easy when we help collect your data.

Clinical Trial Management Software

Clinical Trial Management Software

Customizable solutions

Our team has spent years developing clinical trial management programs that can be readily tailored to fit your needs. Webility's clinical trial software significantly reduces your administrative workload, centralizing and organizing all collected data in one easy to find place.

We support very complex trial workflows, from qualifying & registering patients, to scheduling and tracking interaction history, and handling adverse events.

Medical smart devices (IoMT)

Integrate with smart medical devices and automatically collect and store your patients' data, using secure IoT technology. Smart devices can be used to supplement patient treatment via remote monitoring and communication, and can keep track of patients who are at risk for medical emergencies.

Patient care

Transform the relationship with your patients, with improved communications and information gathering. Enhance the overall patient experience while also saving unnecessary costs.

We'll keep you compliant

We want to get you up and running as efficiently as possible, which is why we are fully PIPEDA, HIPAA & ISO compliant.

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