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Software for Smart Devices (Internet of Things)

Intelligent devices for cutting-edge businesses.

Turning everyday objects into IoT devices

Smart business leaders understand the potential of The Internet of Things and the impact of these new technologies on their bottom line. By using smart devices, companies just like yours are lowering maintenance costs, increasing efficiencies and gaining advanced insights into the data that fuels their business.

Endless "Smart" possibilities

Whether you want to impress your customers with the latest wearable technology, mobilize and monitor heavy equipment, or effortlessly collect real-time data from your refrigeration units, Webility can build a solution that fits your unique business needs.

Webility helps make your business "smarter"

Our team of expert developers draw from our mature codebase to deliver custom IoT solutions that are quick to market, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. We'll work closely with you to determine the right solution for your business needs, turning any device into a smart device.

Refrigeration smart devices

Wirelessly retrieve data from your refrigeration units in real-time, using embedded smart devices. Ensure that energy leakage is caught and flagged automatically, and temperature remains consistent. Experience huge cost-savings by eliminating manual, error-prone monitoring of your units.
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Heavy machinery smart devices

Monitor heavy equipment and avoid breakdowns of important machinery and service interruptions. Eliminate cost overages due to unscheduled equipment failures and lack of data. Extend the life of your machinery through real-time monitoring, remote accessibility, and increased safety features.
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Medical smart devices

Automatically collect and store patient data, using secure IoT technology. Smart devices can be used to supplement patient treatment via remote monitoring and communication, keeping track of patients who are at risk for medical emergencies.
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Wearables & consumer smart devices

From fitness trackers to thermostats and everything in between, adding IoT intelligence to everyday products can make them easier to maintain and delivers added value to your customers.
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Internet of Things

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